BEDROOM (MORNING – talent 1)

+ Now Benji and Maeva are more used to being in front of camera. And we can shoot more acting.
+ Calm music in the background to make talent relaxed.

WIDE: We see a bedroom, in the early morning. Benji is sleeping. Alarm clock rings. We see him talent waking up. Benji sits on the bed and puts on the black Armani Exchange Hybrid Smartwatch.

CLOSE: Armani watch, Alarm clock and a glass of water on the table next to the bed. Hand puts off the alarm and takes the black watch and puts it in to the wrist.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.21.16

CLOSE UP: We see the finger pressing a button on the watch, to showcase that the watch can “wirelessly control music on your smartphone to play music”.


– Medium: We see the same action with a medium frame.  The talent puts on earphones, then presses PLAY in the watch. Camera moves freely zooms in and out.

– Close up: Benji looks straight to the camera. He smiles and winks to the camera.


* * *

2. BATHROOM (MORNING) (talent 2)

– Wide: We see Maeva brushing her teeth and looking to the mirror in the bathroom. She’s is talking on phone at the same time, phone is in between shoulder and ear.  Finally she looks to the watch. She notices she’s late, and rushes away from the bathroom.

– IF TIME: Adrian putting on make up for the night.

* * *

3. HALLWAY – OUTSIDE (talent 3)

– A shot of Benji coming out from the bathroom, without a shirt, with a towel on his shoulders.

– Benji puts on the clothes 1 of the day. Takes with him some equipment, and leaves the house.

– Benji comes out of the shower again and puts on the clothes 2 (we edit this shot later in the film, this is where Benji leaves his martial arts training session.)

– IF TIME: Can we shoot the cats that the owner has in her apartment? A quick shot of Maeva or Benji “saying good bye” to their pet.

– IF TIME: We shoot also Maeva putting on her jacket and leaving the house from a different door.


– Talent is in the hallway and puts on a jacket, opens the door and walks outside, camera follows.


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.21.36

– IMPORTANT SHOT: Door opening scene, from black to bright.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.23.06

. . .


– WIDE, GROUND LEVEL: We see a longer take of Maeva rushing out the stairs outside. She sees her friend Benji, together they do their own handshake and walk outside together.

– We shoot from the ground level seeing Benji looking down from the balcony.

– WIDE, SHOT FROM THE BALCONY: Benji or Maeva is walkin in the yard, perhaps even dancing a little bit already here.

. . .


– We see Maeva entering the dancing studio, she does stretches.

– Longer Wide take of Maeva dancing (30 sec take)

– Longer Close: Camera follows more closely and freely maeva’s dancing (1min take)

– Close-up: of the dancer’s feet, and face expression when dancing.


– After the training, we see Maeva sitting on the ground breathless, drinking water, and talking to a friend / Benji.

“Audio Interview” after the session:

Dancer talking to her friend (We need Maeva to bring one friend to the set.)

. . .

MARTIAL ARTS (in the “dancing studio”)

– tai chi exercises

– We see Benji doing his martial arts and dancing. In the same studio. Shot in the similar way.

– Benji is meditating and listening to the music with earphones.

– Close-up: Benji’s calm face expression when doing martial arts.

. . .

BALCONY (Quick scene)

+ DIALOG 2: On the balcony.
Maeva and Benji talking about today’s London.

. . .


– Close-up: We see a hand on paint putting a cassette to a cassette player.

EDITING: The song continues.

– CLOSE: Paint on the shirt, paint on the watch.

– Wide shot: The artist is painting, his friends are beihind him sitting on the ground drinking from red cups.


– Close-up: We see the artists paint coming to the canvas.


– Close-up: Artists equipment + Armani watch on paint.


– The camera is behind the canvas shoots the artist, he becomes emotional and stops painting. He puts his hand on paint to his mouth. Some paint stains appear to his cheek. The artist doesnt notice this, he turns around.


– Artist is standing in front of his art and looking something behind our camera, he smiles emotionally.


– Cut to: POV of the artist: His friends are talking to each other laughing and drinking from red plastic cups. The friends turn around and wave hands to him for him to come sit next to them.

– We also shoot. A portrait of the artist standing in front of his art piece. Looking beautiful, proud and emotional. Breaking the fourth wall.

Artist with paint all over his clothes sits in the ground in front of his art piece. Him and his friends talk about the following topics:
– Why do you paint, and why only on weekends? (It’s an escape of reality.)
– What are the similarities / differences between “fashion designing” and “fine art” in your life?

. . .


+ Good club music in the background to make talent relaxed.
+ Some talent change clothes to more nightclub clothes.

– We follow the group of our talent from outside to inside the bar and until the downstairs of the club. Long following shot.

nightclub_back copy nightcloub_2

– Shots of the black watch in the blinking lights.

– Disco lights. A shot of each main talent dancing and having fun. We see glimpses of the Armani watch in the disco lights. Camera is free to shoot different details. Friends in the background.
dancy_1 dancy_2

– Group hug inside the club.

– A silhouette of two men with a blank face on sunglasses, moving their heads – Camera pans, a woman looks at them and laughs.

– Smoke in the air. Disco light. A shot of each main talent dancing 30 sec. Camera is free to shoot different details. Friends in the background.

– A long scene: Everybody’s dancing. Camera moves freely and shoots each of the main character, wide and close dancing.

– We also shoot all of our extras dancing.

– A couple kissing passionately inside the club. We see a male hand with black nailpolish going to their partners hair. We see the watch in the hand,


Wide: We see two of the talent on the dancing together / “spinning” together.
+ POV: We see the shot of the both’s face.

Okay-Kayaa OKAY-KAYA-Damn-Gravity-YouTube

– Shot of two guys kissing.

– IF TIME: Close: DJ: Vinyl playing.

– IF TIME: We shoot a few simels and i-D winks to the camera (in the nightclub when everybody’s relaxed)

+ Näyttää rannetta yöklubilla ja nostaa käden korvalle ja sanoo: Call me!

. . .


– CLUB EXTERIOR: hyppää toisen selkään / halaavat

– In front of the night club. Friends meet. Hand shakes, laughter and hugs, kisses to the cheeks. The night is just about to start. We follow the group inside the bar and down the stairs to the club (1min outside + 1min inside = 2min shot)


– Shot of laughing group of friends getting out from the club, long tracking shot. We start from the dance floor and continue in the street. (1min inside 30 sec outside = 1,5min)

– Exit Shot 2: Door is closed. the group rushes out of the club laughing together.

. . .

STREET (from night club to the park)

– We see a group of our talent walking in a park. Somebody put’s a shirt over their head, everybody’s laughing. One of the friends may have a bike with them.


– Shot of two guys walking by the canal holding hands.

– Shot of two guys kissing. (Yes we re-shoot it outside.)

– IF TIME: We shoot a few smiles and i-D winks to the camera (in the street when everybody’s relaxed)

+ Pulp – Common People: hand

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 19.07.56 copy

. . .


– We see a group of our talent during the sunset in Victoria Park watching the beautiful sky. On the bridge.

sunset_roof copy

+ DIALOG 4: A shot of two guys sitting next to each other talking about London and nightlife.

– Tele lens: Wide epic shot of the whole crew walking. (Slow motion.) Somebody put’s a shirt over their head, everybody’s laughing. (Yes, we re shoot this in the park.)

IMPORTANT SCENE: Wide: We see two of the talent on the roof dancing together / “spinning” together.
+ POV: We see the shot of the both’s face. (Same scene with same talent in nightclub.)

– Dancing in the park.

– Two guys under a blanket, sitting next to each other holding hands.

– Wide shot of all of the talent and their friends watching the sunset, they have their backs to the camera.

– Another shot: Talent’s face towards the camera, sunset is behind them (lighting to the talents face.) Only two talent: Wide shot of two guys sitting next to each other holding hands, watching the sunset. They kiss each other. One puts a hand to another one’s sholder. Hand touches hair (like in the night club), we see the watch again in the sunset light. The two guys look at each other. They smile.
One of them turns around and winks to the camera.

– IF TIME: We shoot a few smiles and i-D winks to the camera (in the park when everybody’s relaxed)