– Close-up: We see a hand on paint putting a cassette to a cassette player.

EDITING: The song continues.

artist-cassette copyradio

– CLOSE: Paint on the shirt, paint on the watch.

– Wide shot: The artist is painting, his friends are beihind him sitting on the ground drinking from red cups.


– Close-up: We see the artists paint coming to the canvas.


– Close-up: Artists equipment + Armani watch on paint.


– The camera is behind the canvas shoots the artist, he becomes emotional and stops painting. He puts his hand on paint to his mouth. Some paint stains appear to his cheek. The artist doesnt notice this, he turns around.


– Artist is standing in front of his art and looking something behind our camera, he smiles emotionally.


– Cut to: POV of the artist: His friends are talking to each other laughing and drinking from red plastic cups. The friends turn around and wave hands to him for him to come sit next to them.

– We also shoot. A portrait of the artist standing in front of his art piece. Looking beautiful, proud and emotional. Breaking the fourth wall.

Artist with paint all over his clothes sits in the ground in front of his art piece. Him and his friends talk about the following topics:
– Why do you paint, and why only on weekends? (It’s an escape of reality.)
– What are the similarities / differences between “fashion designing” and “fine art” in your life?

* * *