This is nice moment:

Also this:


I think this frame is nice:


Putting more cool moments under:


cool shot:

This ending scene is supposed to be in the forest, so this kind of framing is very client framing as this could be in the forest 🙂
(since we don’t see the ocean)

I think this take that glides towards them is pretty cool:


this take is cool yes, but could you warp stabilize it to be super smooth?


cool moment (theres plenty of good moments lets choose something that is calm and has nice texture and is photographically nice)

for example I dont like this one as the cloth is not framed nicely and you kind of can see the spot where its been held.


this moment was quite nice too:


I like this framing (but im not fan of the glasses)


she looks so calm here I love it, it just is so short moment when she slooks calm in the beginning of it:

This is pretty cool moment too:


This is good too:


When she turns her head its quite an interesting moment:


not too bad:


cool frame lets use this:


cool frame lets use, this wide has to be in the film i love it!

Also just a fyi, for Oscar our colorist I did this reference:


Obs. Here I decided to continue watching the rushes in premiere (with more contrasty lut) so you can from now on find the timecorde on the down left corner.

This moment w their faces is nice:


This face moemnt is cool too:

Please do stabliise this take! See an example I did:


More cool moments:



For these slow motion shots, remember to frame them in the same way as the other shots!


cool shot, lets use this:


This take was interesting, but can you please reverse it!


Cool take:


this moment could work but please reverse it: