____clockwork-orange-alex-mask maxresdefaultScreen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.59.58 AMScreen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.50.39 AM satansfacessnow white glass coffingiphy1221717ed6b240856255c892166d6c6465f540f940__eraserhead_05_blu-ray__5.2impression-c3a9cran-du-film copy Someone holding a fake eye.
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The rule in this video is, let’s have as much silver as we can – and as little gold as we can. Ideally we have only golden object in this video is the “golden coin”. And all the accssories, jewlery etc, is silver or “chrome metal”.
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corpse_pain_man copyVampire teeht and bloody eyeballs*
vampire teeht and bloody eyeballsCharacters with different kind of horns*hornssssstumblr_mkxdq66LuH1s5lf2ro1_500-1eyezzymdaInstead of lighting everything with neon lights, I’d rather like to use real candles.Romeo-and-Juliet-1996-1331 008-romeo-and-juliet-theredlist-2couloir greenyOne Flew 2 Ratchedrefnwindingpusher2madsmikkelseniiiBlurred POV shot of the patient looking the doctors standing in front of him. Representing the blurry toxicated vision of the Sick Lean.eyes hospital pov


BLACK & WHITE. I also would like to give an alternative sugestion to color. Lastly on colors: In order to really make the viewers attention focus on the practical effects and the concept of our film and the deeper meanings of this mental story (rather than just doing a beautiful video with shallow striking colors and trippy coloir grading) I would be ready to do the full video in black and white. Happy to discuss about this more carefully!

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