The music video starts with a scene where we see a casting for a musical going on. It’s a blank basic gray room, with ugly yellow electric lighting. We see everything through a lo-fi casting camera like in the “Mental Wealth” Chris Cunningham reference, except the background is bright red. There’s a male director casting for an unknown man’s role the role of a Shakespeare’s play.


Suddenly Kelela walks in. Somebody whispers to the male director’s ear: “You’re ex is here”.

The guy looks scared and blushes. We see Kelela walking to the room filled with self confidence but also looking very fragile. She is clearly in a very emotional state of mind. Even though they’re casting for a man Kelela walks in and stands in front of the lofi camera.

“Why are you here?” the director asks voice shivering.

The song hits in. Kelela starts to perform the song for him. While she performs we see stuff through the lofi casting camera’s lens, but we also see cinematic beautiful footage of Kelela and the mans reactions and of the whole situation shot beautifully with Alexa camera.

We see a few very sexual, extreme close up’s of Kelela’s performance. The director is about to fall from his chair after out of arousal, seeing his ex looking so georgeous infront of him.IMG_7728_CNBC_509höyry_b1399da6ecbbaad59aad530d64fe777d--celebrity-portraits-photography-portraits

In addition to this. During the video we cut in clips we have shot with iPhone on another day. These are quick flashbacks in the video and they work as cut ins of Kelelas and the man’s past. These flashbacks tell a fragmented story how Kelela and the man met, and how they much they used to love each other and laugh and cry and made love and who they posted Insta stories of each other and how the man came to see Kelela’s performances (here we cut in real documentary footage and fan shot footage form Kelela’s actual shows as flashbacks). 

Some of the footage we also would see through a monitor where the casting tape is being played, so it looks extra pixelated but still artistic an beautiful, with all the analog distortion.

_CNBC_047 _CNBC_051

So we see flashbacks and performance both cut in together throughout the video. To make the performance in the casting room more interesting, after each flashback we change the lighting and background in the casting room a few times to create some really intense and artistic moods, that changes and reflect the mood of the momories of the man and Kelela, and the time they once had –– but lost. Screen+Shot+2017-12-09+at+01.16.03CNBC_529 CNBC_573 Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 17.19.15CNBC_519

Finally we see the casting situation end. We are back in the same room with the dull lighting that we started in. Kelela is on tears, but then she starts to laugh hysterically. The man is really confused and his eyes are on tears. They look at each other in silence. For a second it’s so silent we can even hear the A/C in the background. Then without words, Kelela walks away from the room. Leaving the breathless director behind him.

After Kelela has left the room an assistant asks the director “Is she gonna get the part?” The man doesn’t answer, but just runs after Kelela. The video ends.4_K



The MALE LEAD, would be somebody realy emotional and handsome but rough looking man, see references under:

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.40.17 PM osma 00305-aaron-taylor-johnson-noctunal-animals.w1200.h630 etienne-de-crecy-you-directed-by-helmi-01


OTHER MOOD IMAGES about art direction ad the color pallette of the film. Everything would be vibrant and colorgraded surreally typical to mys tyle.2
YYCNBC_007 CNBC_692 Screen-Shot-2016-12-11-at-08.14.29  
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 23.32.59 __CNBC_210cullin-buriztus-1Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.26.06_CNBC_709 __Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 22.53.31Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 23.36.57Screen-Shot-2016-12-11-at-16.05.17colorful-1