B&O x RIMOWA // styling

BO x RIMOWA // Styling

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This film is a personal portrait of Ludwig himself. We don’t want to fake anything, we don’t want to make him to look like a model. Ludwig – as the both products – already carrie an inspiring profile, and and charisma, we really want to show and embrace these three heroes of our film: Ludwig, Rimowa and B&O.

We will have Ludwig to bring in his own genuine style and twist to the wardrobe he wears. It’s important that this film looks and feels, not only like Rimowa and B&O but also intimate to Ludwig as a musician. We want him to feel comfortable, and look like he really lodes, in order to capture his real authentic and personal presence in our shots.

The actual colors and textures Ludwig wears in real life, are interesting and we want to follow that. I suggest we, follow his style and find also some of our own options for Ludwig with our stylist to so that we are to make the textures he wears match the lighting and surroundings and textures we have on set.

Ultimately, the way how this film is created is that we are using a small crew to find make a natural performance, we want to keep things organic.

Let’s divide the styling of our film into two categories:
1. Studio, inspiring, colorful, confortable and personal.
2. Travelling (on the go) being creativem, inspirational

We keep Ludwig’s styling always still very stylistic, high end, high quality textures. I feel we can mix his own style with something a bit more subtle, say black jeans. Or a black jacket over his own T-shirt. Find references under.

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