Anton Tammi is a film director from Helsinki, working internationally in music videos and commercials. His unlinear narratives, breathtaking and experimental approach to editing and cinematography is unique.
Working now between US and Europe, Tammi’s videos have received critical acclaim from magazines such as Billboard, Vogue, i-D, The Fader, Nowness, Promo News, Arch Daily, Dazed and Crack Magazine.

In commercials his clients have ranged from a variety of artists and brands such as Rimowa, Armani, Nescafé, i-D Magazine, Nokia, Bang & Olufsen, Finnair and CNBC; these are works for agancies such as Anomaly Berlin, Droga5, Mirum and Publicis Conseil Paris.

In music videos Tammi has wrked with The Weeknd, Lykke Li and Illangelo to name a few.

Uniting next level post production skills with cinematic live action, Tammi employs a surreal and beautifully conceptual approach to all his work. His films are unexpected and visually striking, with mind-bending action around every turn.

Tammi is currently Represented by TIISTAI in Finland, BWGTBLD in Germany and by SOMESUCH in UK/US.